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Preventing Youth Suicide

We teach kids about seat-belt safety, and to stop, drop, and roll in case of fire.

We teach them about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and about safer-sex practices.

Yet we often do not address one of the leading causes of death among teens: suicide.

Suicide Fact vs. Fiction

There are many questions surrounding youth suicide. Some commonly asked questions help to separate fact from fiction.

Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Listen and look for risk factors and warning signs for suicidal behavior.

If the Worst Happens, What Can Be Done?

Even though youth suicide is a rare event, it does happen. How should a school and community respond?

Lifelines: A Comprehensive Suicide Awareness
and Responsiveness Program for Teens

Lifelines Prevention:
Building Knowlwedge and Skills to Prevent Suicide

LifelinesLifelines Prevention

Lifelines Intervention: Helping Students at Risk for Suicide

Lifelines Intervention

Lifelines Postvention: Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death

Lifelines Postvention
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