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FundingFinancial Assistance is Available

Obtaining funding for a bullying prevention program is often a key concern for schools and other institutions.

Many organizations offer financial assistance in the forms of grants and donations.

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Schools that implement violence prevention programs have sought funding from many different organizations, including these sources:

General funding sources

  • County government discretionary funds
  • Governor's special council funds for child abuse prevention
  • Mental health funds
  • District and school safety funds
  • School enhancement dollars
  • Mayor's office or municipal government
  • Police departments
  • Violence prevention organizations
  • Medical clinics
  • Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Parent-teacher associations
  • Banking institutions
  • Faith-based institutions
  • Private foundations
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

Civic and fraternal funding sources

These civic and fraternal organizations* also offer grants and funding opportunities:

United Way of America

U.S. Jaycees

Kiwanis International


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* Inclusion on this list does not indicate endorsement or sponsorship of any Hazelden products or services.

Funding Toolkit

Hazelden Publishing provides free toolkits to help you apply for funding for a number of our proven prevention programs:

  • Class Action
  • Lifelines Suicide Prevention
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)
  • Project Northland
  • Building Assets, Reducing Risks
  • Safe Dates
  • Co-occurring Disorders Program (CDP)

The toolkits include everything you need to write a successful grant, including proposal templates, sample letters of support, and grant writing guidelines.

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