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A Foundation for Successful Program Implementation

Training for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program forms the foundation for successful implementation and sustaining of the program year after year.

Training includes school administrators as well as every adult involved in overseeing, planning, and implementing the program, including:

  • Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee members
  • teachers
  • substitute teachers
  • counselors
  • after-school program providers
  • school resource officers
  • support staff
  • playground supervisors and aides
  • bus drivers
  • cafeteria workers
  • custodial staff
  • parents

Training for the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee

Members of your school's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee attend a two-day committee training conducted by a certified Olweus trainer. Committee members will be introduced to the research about bullying behaviors and the impact of bullying on students, the importance of bullying behavior prevention and intervention, and learn key strategies to address bullying, making them your resident bullying prevention experts.

Because new staff members need to be trained year after year, the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee makes it possible for your school to sustain the program long-term.

The research-based bullying prevention training will prepare committee members to teach your educators and staff:

  • what bullying is and how it differs from other acts of aggression among children and youth
  • the reasons why educators should be concerned about bullying behaviors
  • facts and myths about the nature and prevalence of bullying behaviors
  • characteristics of students involved in bullying problems
  • risk factors for bullying behavior
  • how to intervene effectively with students who have been bullied, students who bully others, and students who watch bullying happen
  • how to work effectively with parents of children involved in bullying situations
  • the key components of the program and how all adults can become involved in bullying prevention and intervention for successful program implementation
  • how to plan and coordinate the on-going implementation of your anti-bullying program efforts for a long-term reduction of bullying problems in your school

Following the initial two-day bullying prevention training, your certified Olweus trainer will continue to provide telephone consultations to your school's program coordinator (a member of your coordinating committee) for up to one year.

Costs of training and consultation may vary by trainer, region of the country, and the number of sites being trained. A number of states have trained a group of trainers that may offer the training at no or very low cost to your schools. In general, a single certified Olweus trainer may charge less than the listed prices, but no more than:

  • $3,000 for a two-day training involving one or two school building's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committees.
  • travel costs for the certified Olweus trainer, including airfare (if necessary), lodging, meals, and local transportation.
  • $125 per hour for telephone consultation to each school site for up to one year. This price includes the cost of the phone call. (Check out consultation fees with each certified Olweus trainer; amounts charged for consultation vary.)

For districtwide implementation across several school sites, it may be more economically feasible to sponsor one of your own educators to become a certified Olweus trainer for your schools. Learn more about the Certified Training Course offered by Clemson University.

Training Teachers and Staff

Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee members will reinforce their role as resident bullying experts - by conducting bullying prevention training for all teachers and other school staff. This full-day training (or two half-day blocks) will give every adult who interacts with students a basic understanding of bullying, the motivation to become involved in bullying prevention and the skills to intervene appropriately in bullying behaviors.

During the training, Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee members will use results from the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire administered at the school to point out site-specific issues regarding bullying problems in their building. Educators will learn about school policies and procedures for dealing with bullying behavior, how to implement classroom and parental components of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program as well as how to effectively intervene with individuals involved in bullying situations.

All other adults working in the school (bus drivers, janitorial staff, cafeteria workers, playground supervisors and aides, parent volunteers, and support staff) will get the knowledge and empowerment they need to intervene effectively when individual bullying situations are observed.

Schools should hold periodic staff discussion groups. These mini-workshops give teachers and staff a chance to talk about the successes and work through the challenges of implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in their school system.

The Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee may also conduct "booster" training for teachers and staff. This is sometimes done in conjunction with the school's certified Olweus trainer.

Certified Olweus Trainers

More than 600 educators have been trained and certified in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Trainers offer a two-day Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee training. This formal training is highly recommended for schools implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to assure fidelity to the program for increased positive results. Trainers also offer ongoing phone support for up to one year. See a list of certified Olweus trainers.

If you are planning district-wide implementation or you will have several buildings with their own Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committees, you may want to select a highly qualified individual to become a certified Olweus trainer. Trainer certification can be requested in your state, or an individual may attend scheduled Trainer Certification events.

Visit Clemson University, the U.S. home for research and training to support the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, for other questions about training and training costs.


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