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Bullying 101 for School Principals:
What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do

Hazelden and the National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation (NAESPF), in partnership with Clemson University, present a bullying prevention distance-learning course for school principals

NAESPThis three-hour course gives up-to-date information about bullying, cyber bullying, and best practices in implementing bullying prevention programming.

The course also addresses the important role that K-12 school administrators (i.e., principals and assistant principals) can play in addressing this issue and provides practical tools and strategies for these leaders.

Employing extensive use of video, interactivity, and case studies to create an engaging experience, this course helps school administrators apply essential knowledge and skills for preventing or responding to bullying.

1: Course Introduction
  • The role of principals, bullying prevention, and professional development
  • Course overview
  • Course objectives
2: Bullying:
The Big Picture
  • Definition, prevalence, and trends of bullying
  • Gender differences in bullying
  • Differences in bullying among races and ethnicities
3: Roles People Play
  • The Bullying Circle - roles people play in a bullying situation
  • Characteristics of those who bully and those who are bullied
  • Warning signs and effects of bullying
4: Cyber Bullying
  • Forms of cyber bullying
  • Warning signs and effects of cyber bullying
  • Strategies to prevent and address cyber bullying
5: Effective Bullying Prevention
  • Effective bullying prevention strategies
  • Role of parents in bullying prevention
  • Principles to follow to change bullying behavior
6: What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do
  • Initiating change
  • Implementing change
  • Institutionalizing change
Course Assessment and Course Evaluation
Participants will be presented with 30 assessment questions and must score 80% correct to be awarded a course completion certificate. Participants will also complete 14 course evaluation questions.
Participants will be able to:
  • describe the unique role of the principal in initiating, implementing, and sustaining long-term change in attitudes and behaviors regarding bullying
  • understand the responsibility that schools have to address bullying and how best to address the issue on campus
  • understand how to establish a schoolwide Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee that provides leadership in guiding the implementation of bullying prevention strategies
  • understand how to implement a student survey and use school-specific data to obtain buy-in from faculty and other staff members through professional development goals
  • communicate basic information to school faculty and staff about bullying, including the definition of bullying, its incidence and prevalence, the short- and long-term consequences of bullying, and effective methods of addressing bullying in a school setting
  • obtain support from parents/caregivers and locate resources to support them through community involvement and integration of all stakeholders
  • identify the best practices shown to be most effective in addressing bullying, based on their school's unique needs and goals
  • demonstrate how best practices can be applied in a school setting, using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program as one example
  • identify and acquire resources for supporting their school's bullying prevention program


The course features researchers at the Institute of Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University who are also co-authors of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program:

  • Marlene Snyder, Ph.D.
  • Susan P. Limber, Ph.D., MLS
  • Jane Riese, LSW
  • Robin Kowalski, Ph.D.
  • Patricia Agatston, Ph.D., LPC

CEUs iconHours

Course instruction: 3
Earned CEUs/PDUs: 3


The course costs $80 per person with the following discounts (use Coupon Code NAESP5 when ordering):

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